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February 26, 2018
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Text Box: Kelly Clark-Balliet Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING




6:00 p.m.



2. ROLL CALL- K. Pemberton, S. Wilson, D. Shelton, D. Clark, M. Genet, J. Wilkerson and S. Sniderwin and K. Clark



3. Audience Participation: (limited to 10 minutes total unless extended by the board).

     Attendees included: H. Barclay, A. Davis, M. Williford, and Mark Shores from the Coal Mines.


4.  A motion is hereby made by J. Wilkerson to enter into closed session for the purpose of considering information regarding the appointment, evaluation, performance, employment and/or dismissal of personnel and student disciplinary actions.

Seconded by – K. Pemberton

      Role call vote- All Voted Yes


Closed Session began at 6:05 p.m.


A Motion is made by M. Genet to end closed session at 6:40 p.m.

      Seconded by-D. Shelton

      Roll Call Vote- All Voted Yes


5.*  A motion is made by S. Sniderwin to approve a Consent Agenda; which includes:  the regular board of education minutes from previous meeting/s, the treasurer’s report/activity fund report, to approve the bills to be paid as presented and to adopt School Board Policies 4:110-AP3  Administrative Procedure-School Bus Safety Rules;  4:160  Environmental Quality of Building and Grounds;  7:285-AP   Administrative Procedure-Implementing a Food Allergy Management Program 

Seconded by- D. Shelton

Roll Call Vote- All Voted Yes





6.                             OLD BUSINESS



7.           NEW BUSINESS        


7a.     Motion is made by: S. Wilson to acknowledge Policy 6:50 School Wellness as read. 

          Seconded by-K. Pemberton

          Role Call Vote: All Voted Yes



7b.    Motion is made by: TABLE DUE TO COAL MINES to accept the bid of M&M Lawn Care and Landscaping with the amendment of trees. 

Seconded by- D. Shelton  

Role call vote- All Voted Yes

7.c.  Motion is made by: M. Genet to set Graduation date for May    15th  2018

Seconded By- S. Wilson        

    Role call vote- All Voted Yes



7.                             Superintendent/Principal’s reports

a.     Lunch Review Report As I mentioned earlier, we are very close to not qualifying for the CEP-free lunch and breakfast program.  Also we are losing several hundred dollars a month by participating.  We can still participate the remainder of the year, but we may not be eligible to next year.  If I have the report by Monday, I’ll bring it to share.

b.     Adjoining Property-The Kolaski’s are asking $60,000 for the property.  I would like to see us purchase this tract, but not at that price with the amount of clean-up we would have to do.  I’d like to look into what it would take to convert the exiting pole barn on the property to a bus barn. Not I

c.      Health Life Safety Inspection I don’t have the official report, but we need to add Exit signs to all the outside classroom doors-this is new.  Also Security Alarm left a cover off a receptacle that Dave needs to replace-done. And then there is always the kitchen is not separated by a wall from the eating area-this is one we get every year. Do not need Exit Signs

d.     ROE Compliance Review-I continue to work toward this for April.  I may come across other policies that I’ll need to update.  I have sent Tammy webinars on the PRESS service that we use to keep the policies updated and as always to contact me and I would run through it with her.

e.      PARCC Testing: We have scheduled our PARCC testing for the week of April 9-13.  I was going to take the ones that met or exceeded to X Factor in Harrisburg, but it has closed, so I’ll be taking them to Marion to either Pirate Petes or Extreme Sports.  I’m going in the evening so that the 8th graders from last year can attend.  If they cannot I”ll be giving them a Wal-Mart Gift card.  I’m hoping that the ones taking the test this year will see the reward and try their best of this test.  I spoke with Tammy about doing this next year and she thought it was a good idea.  She is not crazy about this one test carrying so much weight either!  No educator is, though.

***Other timely information will be discussed at the meeting


8.                             Other Board Items

a.     IASB Egyptian Division Meeting March 6, 2018 It is at Mt. Vernon HS this time.  The registration begins at 5:30 and the dinner at 6:30.  The topic is:  Reflections from Retired Superintendents:  How to Improve Board/Superintendent Relations.  If anyone wants to attend it is $25.00 and I can register and pay online.

b.    Calendar-2018-2019 BCHS Calendar was included in your packets on yellow paper.  Do we want to stay with them or not do fall break and start a week later.  Something for consideration.  We will adopt the calendar in May and also amend this years’ calendar to reflect the emergency days used and declare any Act of God days.

9.   Upcoming Events


11. A motion is hereby made by D. Shelton to adjourn the regular meeting of the Akin board of education at 7:03 pm. The next meeting will be held on March 21, 2018*** at 6:00 p.m. This is a week early due to Spring Break.

              Seconded by- J. Wilkerson

              GROUP VOTE:   YES           

Location of Meeting: Akin Grade School Computer Lab

21962 Akin Blacktop, Akin, IL 62890

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